Showroom space with display walls
Elevation of display wall
Display stand
Detail of wall end
Display wall
Wall pattern detail with display system
Mirror wall detail
Display walls and mirror system
Display wall
Intersection detail of four folded construction units

The Ohne Titel Concept Showroom is a temporary fashion showroom / gallery environment for the display of the fashion designers’ fall / winter 2011 collection in New York City. The design focuses simultaneously on the issues of the architecture of temporary spaces, as well as the development of an immersive display-scape for the Ohne Titel collection. The designed environment alternates between its role as a spectacular backdrop for display and a visually porous weave suggesting a layering of inside and outside. Folding and interlocking aluminum components are tethered and woven together to form a composite structural surface that creates a play of scale and materiality through pattern, structure, geometry and form.

Unfolded surface: aperture opening diagram
Plan layout and wall system unfolded
Elevation and unfolded system diagram
Mirror wall elevation
Display system axonometric
Stress analysis
Prototype: intersection of four laser cut and CNC folded construction units
Detail of two connected construction units
Installation process with diagonal rows of units on staged on floor for assembly
Timelapse and assembly instructions
Units lock into two adjacent units for stability in construction
Installation process with diagonal rows of units on staged on floor for assembly
Assembly process showing interwoven acrylic dowels locking the larger assembly in place

DATA: First place winning entry for the BOFFO Building Fashion architectural competition, Area: 1,500 sq.ft. [150 sq.m.] Tribeca, New York City

Photography: Barkow Photo / Construction and installation: EASTON COMBS

Interiors Merit Award: AIA New York Chapter
391 entries, 27 projects recognized, ‘Ohne Titel Concept Showroom’, one of six projects recognized in the interior design category with the ‘Interior Merit Award’

Architectural Record, April 18th 2012: “Exemplary Design Recognized at AIA New York 2012 Awards Ceremony”

Publications: (forthcoming)