Interior volume
Interior detail
Interior detail
Exterior surface detail
Changing Room in gallery
Suspended volume above floor plane

Changing Room is a commissioned full-scale installation at the Extension Gallery in Chicago. Proposed as a material experiment, Changing Room explores the psychological conditions associated with transparency, reflectivity, illumination and lightness through a material expression in a lightweight semitransparent dichroic structurally interwoven polycarbonate surfaces.

Reflected ceiling plan
Assembly instruction
Modular unit assembly detail

Data: public space installation / Area: 16 x16 feet [5mx5m]

Photography: Barkow Photo / Installation and fabrication: EASTON COMBS

Unbuilt Work Merit Award

433 entries, 38 projects recognized, ‘CHANGING ROOM’, one of seven projects recognized in the unbuilt work category with the “Unbuilt Work Merit Award’ (Awarded prior to completion of project)

Publications: (forthcoming)