Entrance building
Roof and landscape
Interior looking toward highway
Parking hall highway facade
Parking hall
Entrance building detail
Entrance building, interior
Entrance building, upper floor corridor
Entrance building from parking hall
Entrance building corner detail
Parking hall from highway
Detail corner of parking canopy at night
Parking hall at night
Parking hall and entrance building
Detail corner of parking canopy
Entrance building from inside entrance

The parking facility for the Bush International Airport is a private commercial extension of the airports infrastructure and economic fabric and functions as an intermodal link from automobile travel to the airport terminal. Two primary ideas of landscape and transition reinforce the ritual of travel throughout the project. The volume of program dedicated to the housing of the automobile allows an architectural expression of landscape on a conceptual and figural level, both from the air and in the horizon. The open air structures propose an environment of over scaled waiting halls that dispatches and receives the traveler. The Administration Building operates at another scale to form the initial and final architectural threshold of travel, bringing the body, via the vehicle into a pressured spatial relationship.

Aerial visualization

Entrance building ground floor
Entrance building upper floor
Entrance building section
Brick wall plan
Wall and corner details

Data: 11 acres, /Parking Canopies: 220,000sqf. [20,438sqm.] /Administration Building: 3,000sqf. [279sqm]

Entrance building, view from highway, under construction
Entrance building, under construction
Entrance building, brick detail under construction

Photography: hiepler,brunier, / Construction photography: EASTON COMBS

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