A design study drawing on research into landscape, geometry, sinusoidal movement and progression, WAVE WEAVE is a series of wall relief panels that examines the possibilities and complexities that emerge in pattern progression of three intersecting three dimensional fields, both in terms of spatial surface combinations and conditions of repetition. Operating at the scale of a wall relief, the WAVE WEAVE is at once a surface of curiosity and a rhythmic background. Rendered in high-gloss automobile paint and cast in black and white, the surface engages and compliments the composition of a room as both a neutral field and a surface of visual agitation.

WAVE WEAVE is a wall panel generated from a three-point source interference pattern in which the three waves propagate with equal amplitude and varying wavelengths. WAVE WEAVE uses this waveform as the basis for a geometric grammar of inscription and activation. While any section taken through the point source of a single wave is a sine function, the productive interference of the three waves produces complex variations and affects. Across the surface of the piece, areas of seeming repetition are revealed to be in flux as they fade and shift, driven by the underlying logic of the sine-wave ripple interference. The undulating motion of the waveform is frozen and framed — a happening in time made solid and stable.

DATA: Wall Panel / Installation 6’ x 12’ x 3” / High Density Urethane Foam / CNC Milled / Project Team: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Michael Stradley / Visualizations: EASTON+COMBS