URBAN [RE]VISION-ISM is a vision for public space that addresses the history, present and future of Warsaw. Situated in an urban environment with an eclectic mixture of 19th and 20th century architectural artifacts, this proposal redefines the relationships of the urban context into a rich dialog of playful urban character. The proposal seeks to address the ‘face’ of Warsaw not as a series of autonomous architectural facades rather as the very fabric that binds buildings together to form an urban identity.

URBAN [RE]VISION-ISM creates a new identity that attracts citizenry to visit, play and stay as a new vision of the often stark urban conditions of postwar modernism. By placing the attention on the plaza level the Warsaw Rotunda receives an urban-scape where casual, cultural and commercial activities are situated. The urban-scape is colorful by day and lighted by night, addressing Warsaw’s long summer days and winter nights to equal degree.

DATA: International Architectural Competition / Location: Warsaw, Poland / Project Team: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Parker Bunce, Michael Stradley