Constructed from a series of parametrically-defined, vacuum-formed polycarbonate units, MIRAGE GARDEN is a continuous, reflective ribbon, coursing through the landscape. Sited the edge of the forest at Art OMI, MIRAGE GARDEN explores degrees of the “natural” by intervening at the boundary between the subtly manicured spaces of the OMI Architecture Field and the unkept conditions of its periphery. Only accessible to visitors through the varying transparency of the ribbon surface, the space within is inaccessible yet visible, a pocket of contrived wilderness within the curated nature of the fields. Like the phenomenon of evolutionary variation found within remote and removed geographical conditions, the Mirage Garden aspires to produce rhetorical micro-environmental behavior by questioning notions of human intervention and isolation in the natural world. Both visually and ecologically, the Mirage Garden is interested not in purity and preservation, but in distortion and transformation.

To be created from polycarbonate using digital fabrication technologies, MIRAGE GARDEN is Architecture Omi’s first traditional experiment using drawing and modeling poised towards the reality of an architectural piece.


DATA: Solo Exhibition + Installation / Location: OMI International Arts Center, Ghent, NY / Project Team: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Michael Stradley