Mill Center for the Arts

The strength of any community hinges upon the success of its public institutions. The social function of the public courthouse and the town square as the cornerstone of public life in the early twentieth century has arguably been transferred to the public art institutions of the early twenty-first century. In the case of the Mill Center for the Arts, the idea of a performing arts venue merges with the community center to form a dynamic locus of contemporary cultural identity for the local populace and the larger region. The Mill Center design extends the topic of ‘performance center’ into the secondary and tertiary civic roles of the building as a community center. The architectural expression is a celebration of both the cultural performance of the everyday and the exceptional performance of art.
Data: Client: The Mill Center for the Arts / Location: Hendersonville, North Carolina / Address: 4th Avenue East at Grove Street / Program: Multi-purpose concert and theatrical hall with community center / Site: 115,400sqf [2.65 acres] [1.07 hectares] / Building: 95,000sqf [8,825sqm] / Projected Contract Sum: 30 million plus / Status: Professional Invited Architectural Competition 2nd Stage commissioned finalist

Credits: Design Architect: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Richard Sarrach (1st and 2nd Stage), Jeremy Carvalho (2nd Stage), and Andrew Bollinger (2nd Stage) / Project Team: Sherman Adams, Josh Drapper, Caitlin Duffy, Rodrigo Guajardo, Dylan House, Ben Howes, John Ivanoff, Zachary Joslow, Steve Koutsantonis, Jonathan Lee, Adrian Lo, Hayden Marrero, Jonathan Ott, Steven Pitera, Arn Regencia, Bryon Russell, John Seward, John Sunwoo, Tamaki Uchikawa, Peter Van Hage, Arianne Van Lewis, Brendan Wilkins, Eric Wong / Structural and Environmental Systems: Arup, NY – Daniel Brodkin, Principal – Mahadev Raman, Principal and David Jones, Ben Urick, Christopher Rush, Brian Stacey /Acoustical Design Consultant: Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago, Illinois Joseph Myers, Associate / Theater Planning Consultant: Theatre Consultants Collaborative, Raleigh, North Carolina Robert Long, Principal Cyril Alley / Architectural Lighting: Licht Kunst Licht, Berlin, Germany Edwin Smida, Project Manager Stephanie Große Brockhoff Stefan Hofmann Danni Hernandez Holger Mader, (Visualization) Heike Wiermann, (Visualization) / Cost Estimating: Cost Services Group Inc., Atlanta, Georgia Charlie Greiner, Principal / Façade Consultant: Angus Goble LLC Angus Goble, Principal / Landscape Architecture Consultant: Quennell Rothschild & Partners, LLP, New York, New York Mark Bunnell, Partner Beth Franz / Associate Architect (second phase): PBC+L, Asheville, North Carolina Richard Fort