Hunter Douglas Light Research Studio: Academic Research @ Pratt Institute, NYC

The Hunter Douglas Light Research Studio is a material research based design studio that addresses the window treatment products of the Hunter Douglas Company, an international manufacturer of building products.

The studio explores new trajectories of the manipulation of this material as a means of extending and modulating the basic performance of the product. The concept of beauty, transparency, publicity, privacy and the ability of manipulated light to induce specific categories of ambience in the domestic realm are intrinsic to the program of this material. The research of the studio seeks to develop strategies of usage that expand beyond the standard universal application of this material as window treatment while bringing forward the underlying physical and cultural performance of the material. The studio research coalesces around a full scale installation constructed within the Robert H. Siegel Gallery at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Data: Location: Pratt Institute Department of UG Architecture @ Robert S. Siegel Gallery, Pratt School of Architecture, 61 St. James Place, Brooklyn NY, 11205 / Sponsor: Hunter Douglas / Program: Material research design studio / Installation Size: Gallery size approximately 2,000 sqf. [186 sqm.] / Status: Installation January/February 2008

Credits: Studio Instructors: Lonn Combs, Mark Parsons /Digital Design Consultant: Kyle Steinfeld / Studio participants: Stephanie Benete, Dan Breitner, Joanna Cheung, Jason Gross, Laura Haak, Matt Howard, OhYoung Kwon, Ji Hye Lee, Hyunju Lee, Cheng Feng Lin, Hannah Oh, Andrei Shiryae, Peter VanHage, Hannah Wee, Wilmer Zamora

Installation photography: Hiepler,Brunier,