HOUSES @ Campion Farms

HOUSES @ Campion Farms is a series of domestic prototypes for a new land development located in Stockbridge in western Massachusetts. E+C are developing a series of highly efficient house design prototypes based on a unitized planning approach that provides flexibility in spatial organization in relation to the site’s natural context. Conceived as a series of compact house elements, each building unit addresses specific areas of domestic program centered around a main living / dwelling house unit. E+C’s design approach affords a great deal of programatic and, more importantly, phasing flexibility allowing the domestic program to expand over time while maintaining an overall design strategy prioritizing the centrality of the communal living space and the houses multiple relationships with the exterior and natural landscape.

In addition to developing a flexible architectural grammar based on simple materials, detail and organization, E+C are acting as creative design director of the overall brand and messaging identity for the community. Visit for more information.