HOUSE N°5, planned for 2017 construction, located in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, is a compact 2000 square foot house. The design focuses on the simplification of building components with prefabrication approaches, passive and efficient active energy systems, and healthy building material strategies. The design incorporates a clear domestic program organization through a central communicating core integrating daylighting and whole house natural ventilation strategies. The building systems focus on robust, cost effective fabrication techniques maximizing the overall value through optimizing and minimizing complex in-field construction issues. The design integrates the use of heat recovery ventilation as a primary driver of heating and cooling design and as tightly integrated compliment to passive and natural ventilation strategies.

The articulation of the spatial organization and program drives these construction themes into the overall organizational concept, by way of striating the communal and private zones of the house, the communal zone occupies the entire ground floor providing a flexible and fluid arrangement of dinning and living as well as the occupants relationship to the exterior. In contrast the upper level is dense and compartmentalized with bedrooms and bathrooms. The one exception being the primary stair which forms a programatic figure of circulation and natural light. By connecting the function of circulation, natural light and the transition from the communal to the private, the very simple volume of the stair becomes the organizing element and experience of the house.