HOUSE N°3 [Case Study]

HOUSE N°3 is a residential design case study located in rural Berkshire County MA. The house design incorporates a large interior light well  / courtyard that allows indirect light from the southerly sky to be dynamically incorporated into the interior living spaces. The overall size of the house is approximately 1800 sqf (170 sqm) with three bedrooms (0r bedrooms + studio space) All bathing, service and kitchen zones are designed with efficiency and minimal impact. Overall the case study design expands on the idea of a minimal design presence participating in and being animated by the natural setting of the site and it’s dynamic environmental features. All systems and building construction strategies are fundamentally oriented to low energy building techniques, resilient material systems, and passive environmental approaches.

Case Study HOUSE N°3 was presented in London, UK at the 2015 VELUX Daylight Symposium in the invited presentation “Constructing in Natural Light” by Partner Lonn Combs.

For more information on the symposium please visit the 2015 VELUX Daylight Symposium website.