A provocation at the scale of a detail and at a building skin. At once a solid; in another breath, spatial. Reflecting, refracting and revealing a series of laminations that are suspended, yet grounded. Weightless and aerated, yet weighted and stable. AERATED GEOLOGY is a speculation on the history and future of architecture’s creative connection to geologic materiality and the development of suitable materials for defining boundaries of space and form, and of surface and structure.

If stone is a material of time, AERATED GEOLOGY suspends and accelerates that time simultaneously. By imagining the possibilities of a suspended geology and rethinking structural and spatial organization, a new set of ideas about interiority and exteriority and their relationship to material organization emerges. AERATED GEOLOGY is proto-architecture that exists as a raw material, a tectonic object, and a set of technical ideas about the organization of layered stone material. It possesses the potential to move beyond the literal skin of architecture and encompass new notions of insides and outsides.

AERATED GEOLOGY is presented as a scaled model of an assemblage of Dekton manufactured stone material by Cosentino. It can be considered at the size of the object, a room, or building to equal degree. This design study addresses the basic principle of the dimensional consistency and flatness of the manufactured stone material. By designing a system of connections that organize and hold flat cut sheets on a subtle spatial fanning arc, one can achieve a sense of suspension, stacking, and weight, redefining surfaces and proposing new opportunities.

DATA: Invited Exhibition and Installation / Surface Innovation: Redefining Boundaries of Interior and Exterior Spaces / Location: Center for Architecture NYC (2013 Exhibition) / Project Team: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Parker Bunce, Michael Stradley / Fabrication: EASTON+COMBS / Photographic Documentation: EASTON+COMBS