2015 FIU Emerging Architects Initiative

The 2015 FIU Emerging Architects Initiative is an invited design build competition for a temporary structure for FIU’s school of architecture’s rooftop terrace.

SHADEFOLD situates itself as a temporary intervention, provocation and productive disruption within the context of the schools campus. As a structurally robust deformed foil, the pavilion canopy provides an animated experience while moving through the rooftop courtyard as well as being an environmental canopy creating a local play of light and shade. The design pursues interests in composite assemblies, structural biocomposite building material and explores the structural / material phenomenon of automorphic surfaces found in diverse references such as Robert LeRicolais’ work and the material innovations and applications of Issey Miyake.

Design Team: Lonn Combs, Rona Easton, Chendru Starkloff, Michael Stradley / Ecovative Partner: Jeff Betts, Design and Development Lead at Evocative Design / Structural Consultation: Will Laufs / LaufsED LLC