Core 77 Design Awards 2012: Professional Notable for CHANGING ROOM

CHANGING ROOM,the recent installation from EASTON+COMBS is recognized in the 2012 Core 77 Design Awards.

Category: Interiors and Exhibitions

Professional Notable

Jury comments:

“We were interested by the space which stays in constant transformation and, in a way, determines a proposal less bound by design functionality, but more to a creation of a “being which is alive” next to the shifting organisms from the cinematographic and digital imaginary. The installation defines us in a different way inside the space, not only by the artificial and changing quality proposed on the project, but especially through a liberating or asphyxiating connection between the people that use it. It questions the paradigms between technology, use and esthetic, transmitting an emotion that, defined in the ambient of sophistication and violence, grants us arbitrary sentiments. Finally, there exists a contraposition between material and fluidity, which determines itself on light movements as if it was an articulate tissue.”

2012 Core77 Design Awards: CHANGING ROOM